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In this economic climate thriftiness has become almost trendy; but for a long time, discussions of cost in regard to food were taboo. The food writing world split into two completely separate categories. There was writing that was concerned with the pleasure of food, did not mention cost (unless to swoon over some expensive, luxurious ingredient). Cost-conscious food writing was relegated to nutritional advice for people who were having a tough time getting by, or strange, old-fashioned oddities: the way people used to have to cook.

I think this separation is bunk. For as long as food has existed, good kitchen economy has been a part of every culinary tradition. I think there is no reason that thriftiness and tastiness should be opposing pursuits. And cooking with thrift in mind does more than just save money, it is reduces waste (another kind of green) and taps into ingenuity of age old culinary traditions. This blog is my effort to uncover those traditional, thrifty recipes and techniques and translate them into practical advice (and recipes, of course) for keeping a contemporary thrifty kitchen.

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