Beef jerky will not only satisfy your appetite but also keep your stomach full for hours due to its protein content. Keep reading to find out delicious ways to eat your beef jerky.

One of the most popular snacks among meat lovers is beef jerky. However, overconsumption can lead to serious health problems as this dish is made with processed and preserved meat. So it’s better if you don’t consume the entire package of beef jerky at once; instead, eat it in portions with different foods. This way, you will be able to have your favorite dish while keeping your total protein intake under control.

Beef Jerky Recipes

Here, we will try to enlighten you with some delicious pairing suggestions for different flavors of beef jerky brands with other dishes. These recipe ideas might help you serve beef jerky in a more interesting and flavorful way.

Pair With Broccoli Salad

Pair With Broccoli Salad

The meal will become even more flavorful and exciting once you understand how to add beef jerky with broccoli salad to your Sunday breakfast. The added crunch and protein from the jerky will help this dish stand out from the usual. Kids will certainly love something like that for breakfast since it is quite tasty.

Adding protein and vegetables to your breakfast as a side dish is extremely healthy. Furthermore, it is a great idea to fill the protein requirement for the day.

Mix With Soup

If you are used to adding beef, chicken, or shredded pork to your soups, then beef jerky will also be a terrific alternative for you! It goes great with corn soup, fresh vegetable soup, or stew. It can also be paired with other varieties of soups. Furthermore, beef jerky will give any regular soup a flavor and crunch.

Add To Scrambled Eggs

If you combine beef jerky with scrambled eggs for breakfast, the added protein will keep you energized and hunger-free for the rest of the day. We all know that eggs are a fantastic source of protein for breakfast. So if another source of protein is added to it, it will be that much better. This breakfast plan is ideal for those who are really busy and do not have time to eat a good lunch. Another way to serve beef jerky with breakfast is to chop or grate it into little pieces and serve it with grilled cheese.

Serve With Boiled Eggs

Serve With Boiled Eggs

If you want to serve your beef jerky as an evening snack, then you can have it with boiled eggs. Only a few sprinklings of beef jerky on top of a plain boiled egg can greatly boost its flavor. You may also add a small amount of Dijon mustard and mayo to this recipe to give it extra creaminess. Boiled eggs with a sprinkle of beef jerky is a fantastic snack for kids at birthday parties or nighttime get-togethers.

Serve On A Traditional Charcuterie Board

By adding beef jerky to a traditional charcuterie board, you can really spice it up. Beef jerky will provide an interesting and delicious alternative that is sure to grab your guests’ attention.

Crackers, cheese, almonds, sautéed vegetables, and pickles are all great side dishes with beef jerky. Aside from the protein content, jerky will add a unique flavor.

Serve With Savory Dishes

Beef jerky can be an excellent addition to poutine, pasta, ramen, and oatmeal dishes. You may have never thought of doing this since we are all more familiar with using shredded meat or bacon bits. The addition of some chunky beef jerky bits to any savory dish will make it more nutritious and appealing. It will also give the food a unique taste and flavor.

Add Some Protein To Your Salad

If you want to upgrade the nutrition level and flavor of your plain salad, then you can add beef jerky to it. Simply cut some dry beef jerky into little pieces and toss them in with your salad in a proportionate amount. You will forget the taste of bacon after trying this.

Beef jerky chunks are low in fat and high in protein, making them an excellent match for any salad. Try salads with different flavors of jerky to see which you like best.

Use With Burger Patties

Use With Burger Patties

Although using beef jerky in sandwiches and burgers is rare, you can try creating them at home. You may easily replace the bacon or ground meat with jerky strips. It will undoubtedly give the burger a juicy and crispy texture.

You might also want to try mixing beef jerky bits with mayonnaise for sandwiches. Regardless of which type of beef jerky you use, you will not be disappointed with the flavor of the burger or sandwiches made with it.

Eat As A Side Dish

Beef jerky can also be served as a snack to round out your flavor profile. Stir-fried vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, baked beans, salmon croquettes, or even rib-eye steak will go well with it. In comparison to other fried sides, it will be a nutritious side dish with less fat and oil.

Final Thought

The majority of us simply can not imagine beef jerky with so many dishes. Jerky can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, rather than just a delicious evening snack. The recipes listed above are only a few ways to serve beef jerky in a new and interesting style, but you are free to try something new with this tasty strip of meat. However, as beef jerky contains salt and preservatives, it is best to limit its consumption.

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