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Luminous Watermelon Salad

Luminous Watermelon Salad

  This week, I’ve created a refreshing, chilled summer salad that is visually striking in both daylight and in ultraviolet light. And though the plating makes it look complicated, the elements are incredibly simple. Cucumber and watermelon, when they are cut carefully, look like precious little crystalline gems. The tonic granita is unusual for a...

Ultraviolet Foods

tomatoes no color image of tomatoes, desaturated tomatoes original image Borscht no color Borscht, desaturated Borscht original image oatmeal bread no color bread2.jpg&w=610&h=425&q=100&a=t desaturated oatmeal bread bread.jpg&w=610&h=425&q=100&a=t original image carrots no color no color&w=610&h=425&q=100&a=t desaturated carrots original image To wrap up the end of my discussion on...