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Pickled Carrots

About a month ago I bought a bunch of shallots from the greenmarket to pickle. That got me brushing up on my pickle reading and I happened across the recommendation that any leftover brine you have prepared can be kept almost indefinitely. That was just enough to rekindle my interest in light pickling. Not all...
Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

I must have had dozens of carrot soups. Perhaps it is not encouraging that I distinctly can’t remember any of them. Carrots seemed like a rather obvious choice for a penny stretching dish. Though they are readily available and uniformly cheap, they can also be mediocre and forgettable. I’ve been playing around with a couple...


About a year ago I was researching recipes from de re Coquinaria , Apicuis’s collection of recipes. There are several recipes for various bread salads. Though traditional Panzanella is clearly post-Colombian exchange (it highlights that most useful new world fruit, the tomato), it has clearly grown out of that same tradition of combining raw vegetables...