Do you want to eat more spaghetti squash but you don’t know how to cook it? Are you bored with your basic recipes and want some inspiration?

More than 41 percent of adults over 20 years old in the US are overweight. Many of them are looking for ways to improve their diet.

Spaghetti squash is healthy, versatile, and delicious. Here are some great recipes and uses for spaghetti squash that you’ll enjoy.

1. A Healthy Pasta Substitute

A Healthy Pasta Substitute

Traditional spaghetti is high in carbs and gluten, which can be a problem for some people. Substituting spaghetti squash adds the benefits of fiber and micronutrients to your family meal.

Try this spaghetti squash marinara as a new family favorite. You can use this versatile ingredient instead of pasta in any meal, even lasagna. It goes well with creamy, cheesy sauces as well as tomato-based ones. The subtle earthy flavor of spaghetti squash gives your dishes a new take.

You can serve any of these recipes inside one-half of the squash. It makes an ideal bowl or spaghetti boat.

2. Experiment With Baked Goods

For something different, try spaghetti squash in baked goods. It’s a moist addition to almost any muffin or cake recipe. There are lots of spaghetti squash recipes online.

If you have ever baked with zucchini, you’ll love this new addition. Unline grated zucchini, which you add raw; you do need to cook spaghetti squash before using it in baking.

3. Try It in Salads

Try It in Salads

One of the more surprising spaghetti squash uses is in salads. Recreate any noodle salad using spaghetti squash as a substitute ingredient. Experiment with different flavors like the sweet-savory taste of Thai noodles.

Greek spaghetti squash salad is a great summer meal in itself. The delicious flavors of marinated onions, fresh tomatoes, and feta cheese is a combination that goes well with spaghetti squash.

4. Vegetarian Burgers

Vegetarian Burgers

One surprising spaghetti squash recipe was vegetarian burger patties. You add a bit of quinoa and some spices to create a healthy alternative to meat patties.

You can freeze them if you want to make a batch of them ahead. They are a great standby and are good for when you have to make a last-minute meal.

5. Apple Fritters

One fun way to get spaghetti squash nutrition into your family’s diet is to whip up a batch of apple fritters. They’re gluten-free and crunch on the outside, with the right amount of sweetness inside.

When you have leftover spaghetti squash, these delicious bites are the ideal way to use it up. They’re also quick and easy to make and use lonely a few simple ingredients such as an egg and a bit of grated onion. Serve them as a side dish or as a snack.

Cook Spaghetti Squash With Flair

Now that you know these new and interesting ways to cook with spaghetti squash, you can plan your next meal with confidence. New recipes can bring excitement and inspiration to your dinner table.

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