Tap water in the United States contains chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other harmful elements that can affect the taste of your food and even hurt your health if ingested in large quantities. If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, you should be cooking with filtered water instead!

Here are some reasons why you should use filtered water for cooking.

10 Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Filtered Water

Reasons You Should Be Cooking With Filtered Water

1. When We Use Filtered Water, It Tastes Better

Sure, it’s common knowledge that purer water tastes better. But how often do we think about how it makes our food taste? For testing, try drinking coffee with bottled water, then again with filtered water and you’ll see exactly what we mean. It might sound strange, but using unfiltered tap water gives a raw after-taste to food, and when used in your recipes it can ruin their flavor! Therefore, opt for filtered water from now on if you want better-tasting food.

2.  Healthier Skin With Cleaner Water

Eating foods cooked in pure water will remove impurities from your diet, leading to improved health and skin. Filtered water contains beneficial minerals required by the body. Whereas, using unfiltered tap water leaves behind a variety of nasty contaminants that can be absorbed through ingestion. A diet rich in these contaminants over time is associated with a host of adverse health effects, including lowered immunity and severe skin problems. Therefore, get yourself a water filter that adds minerals to your food.

3. Cleaner Teeth From Less Harmful Bacteria

There are several different reasons why you might want to consider using filtered water in your cooking. One of them is that it can help reduce tartar buildup and cavities, which means you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner teeth for longer while consuming food cooked with filtered water.

4. Longer Lasting Appliances

Most home appliances have an estimated life expectancy of 5-10 years. Most can last 15-20 years if you use filtered water. Use a filter for your fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, and showerhead to increase their lifespan by 5-20 years (depending on how often you use them). You will save money by not replacing appliances as frequently and also cut down on waste as fewer plastic parts will have to be manufactured.

5. Less Soap Needed When Doing Dishes

Less Soap Needed When Doing Dishes

Because filtered water is free of chemicals, you don’t need to use as much soap when doing dishes. This not only reduces costs but is better for your dishes and clothes too.

6. Save Money On Dishwasher Soap, Water Softeners, And New Faucets

Unfiltered water contains high levels of chlorine, which builds up inside pipes and can have a corrosive effect on them. In addition to changing your faucets every seven years or so (the average lifespan), using filtered water will save you money in other ways.

If you’re not buying bottled water, dishwasher soap and water softeners will last longer because they won’t be used to counteract harmful effects caused by poor-quality tap water. If a long-term investment is what you’re after, we’d suggest switching to stainless steel appliances. Not only do they look great for years to come, but their bright finish also means that mineral build-ups won’t discolor or stain them as easily as on traditional white appliances.

7. Save Time When Waiting For Your Hot Water Heater To Heat Up

Using filtered water for cooking can save you a few minutes, especially if you have a slow water heater. Simply fill up a pitcher and stick it in your fridge to stay fresh until ready to use. No more waiting for hot water!

8. Less Waste To Get Rid Of!

One of our favorite ways to avoid consuming BPA and other chemicals from plastics is by cooking with filtered water. When you turn on your faucet, think about how many gallons of unfiltered water spill into your sink. This can add up over time! Using filtered water while you cook means less waste to dispose of down the drain or in the trash.

9. Safety Assurance For Your Family

Did you know that over 1,000 different chemicals and heavy metals are found in tap water? If your tap water is not safe for drinking, it’s not safe for cooking too. Get peace of mind and safety assurance by filtering all of your water with a home water filtration system.

10. No More Chlorine Or Harmful Chemicals To Worry About

Filtered water indeed tastes better, but it’s also good for you. What comes out of your tap contains chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that could be harmful to your health. If you think of all of these chemicals as possible toxins, it becomes clear that they should not be ingested at any level. Think about how many times a day you drink water; shouldn’t it be free from harmful contaminants?

Downsides Of Cooking With Filtered Water

Downsides Of Cooking With Filtered Water

  • Increased Cost: Surely, installing a water filtration system in the house increases upfront costs, like purchase, installation, and maintenance. For this reason, many people step back from getting water filters. However, Filtered water will save you money and time in the long run, as well as help you prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family and friends.
  • Lower Efficiency: Water filters have lower water filling efficiency than tap water. On the other hand, boiling water for filtration takes time.


Every time you drink a glass of water, you’re doing yourself a favor. So, why not bring that goodness into your cooking too? It’s high time that you incorporate filtered water usage for better health and wellness.


  • Is Boiled Water Better Than Water Filtration?

Water filters are equipped to filter your water to a certain extent where the natural minerals of water are not diminished. Whereas, boiling the water over-purifies it, making it nutrient-less. But either way, you will be drinking purified water.

  • Can You Cook Rice With Filtered Water?

Yes, you can cook rice with filtered water. As it is chlorine and carbon-free, your rice will taste even better.

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