Most people can’t start their day without the classic cup of Joe. However, that isn’t always true for everyone. A significant percentage of the population prefer tea, and for a good reason.

It’s healthier, with less caffeine, and can be as flexible as coffee. With the right brew and ingredients, you’ll discover how to upgrade your morning tea. You can also improve your smoothie game to take advantage of the many benefits of tea.

Look into trying the new tea smoothie trend, and up your breakfast ante. Here’s everything you need to know about tea smoothies. Ditch that anxiety-inducing coffee with a healthier alternative today.

Off to a Tea-rrific Start

Tea aficionados will know how much variety there is to choose from. Often, it can be difficult to pick a favorite, even more so once you try tea infusions. It enhances your regular tea leaves with a unique flavor that’s both captivating and enjoyable.

What’s great about tea is that you can enjoy it both hot and cold like coffee. The same goes for your tea smoothie. It works as a refreshing summer breakfast and a hot bowl during the colder months.

Remember – only because it’s a “smoothie” doesn’t mean it can’t be warm and cozy. Toss in some fruit, nuts, and your preferred sweetener, and it’s good to go. You can also include dairy (or vegan alternative) and even pre-workouts.
All you need to know is the best combo for ingredients and how to prepare them.

Fruity Infusions

If you enjoy having that slight hint of fruit with your drink, then start with fruit tea infusions. The traditional way to make a smoothie is with fruit, so you can find teas that compliment rather than stand out against your ingredients. Fruity teas are quite common these days and come in a variety of flavors.

These include strawberries, kiwi, peach, mango, and many others. These fruits are common staples in traditional smoothies, so why not double down? If you want a tropical bowl, you can choose a loose leaf black tea with fruity notes.

A Pina colada tea, for example, is a good choice. It has hints of pineapple and coconut. This blends with the subtle bitterness of the black tea.

You can emphasize this through the way you steep it too. For a milder flavor, prepare it as a cold brew tea. Making it hot and steeping it for longer before cooling it can strengthen the flavor.

Be careful not to over-steep as it could allow bitterness to creep in. This holds true for all tea types.

Herbal Teas

Why not incorporate some medicinal benefits with herbal tea smoothies? Herbal teas come from flowers, herbs, spices, and dried fruits, making them a perfect compliment. Ginger and Peppermint teas are good sources of antioxidants.

They’re proven to help with digestion, inflammation, and the immune system too. A great combo to help energize you in the morning is ginger, beet, and banana smoothie. It’s full of important vitamins and nutrients that fight fatigue, lower blood pressure, and aid in energy recovery.

It can even help improve skin health, vision, and liver function. Sweetened with a bit of honey, it’s the ultimate morning pick-me-up for those who always wake up tired. Rooibos and hibiscus are other great alternatives for herbal tea.
They pair especially well with fruit berries in a smoothie.


Matcha has risen in popularity throughout the years. Many love it as a latte or even as a pre-workout drink. It has a natural earthy flavor that finds itself at home with creamier drinks.

This makes it the perfect star for an indulgent smoothie. You can opt to add it with some dairy or almond milk and chia. If you’re looking for a richer smoothie, you can add some shaving of white chocolate.

The richness and creaminess of a matcha tea smoothie make bananas a natural partner too. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. You can even use matcha with some vanilla flavoring or pre-workout protein powder.

Shaved almonds or nuts of your choice are a nice added touch, lending some extra crunch.

Classic Green Tea

Green tea smoothies are some of the most flexible and versatile to make. They pair well with dairy or yogurt and incorporate fruits effortlessly. Like matcha above, bananas are excellent choices for a smooth texture and delicious flavor.

The beauty of green tea is in how subtle it’s flavor can be. This puts the ball in your court for how you’ll flavor the rest of the smoothie. Strawberries are a common inclusion, as are peaches and even blueberries.

If you want a heavier touch you can use yogurt or even kefir. On the opposite spectrum, low-fat or skim milk can give you a lighter feeling smoothie as well.

Black Tea

When people think of black tea, especially loose leaf black tea, they think of its strength. Indeed most people looking to switch from coffee opt for black tea to be their daily driver. Its strong taste lends itself well to bold yet light combinations.

Black tea is pretty versatile, being compatible with dairy and fruits. A great summer option though is to forgo the milk completely. Mixed berries can sit next to bananas to make a creamy yet refreshing and light beverage.

Incorporate mint and pineapple to provide a hint of sharpness to complement the sweet tartness of the berries. The options for a black tea smoothie are almost limitless.

Making a Great Tea Smoothie

tea smoothie
tea smoothie

There are many reasons people choose to make smoothies. Sometimes it’s for health; other times it is taste or preference. Smoothies are convenient to make for breakfast or a refreshing summery drink.

A tea smoothie is a fantastic way to up your smoothie game even more. You can lean on all the health benefits and new flavor doors that all the different teas open up for you.

To learn more about different teas and their benefits, check out all the info on our site.

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