Food delivery jobs and catering delivery driver jobs are two jobs with very low barriers to entry. They require very little training and can often provide great work flexibility. Read on for some insight into the world of food delivery jobs and learn if it may be a good fit for you!

Food Delivery Jobs and Catering Delivery Driver Jobs Description

Food delivery jobs and catering delivery drivers are responsible for bringing food from its place of preparation to the final customer. To build a better career create the most creative resume, because its the first thing that interviewer see and know about you.

Restaurant Food Delivery Jobs

Food Delivery
Food Delivery Jobs

Some restaurants employ their own delivery drivers to bring food from the restaurant to the customer. Common examples are Chinese food and pizza restaurants. These drivers may be required to take payment if the order was not paid in advance online or over the phone.

Third-party Delivery Services

Independent companies such as DoorDash, Favor and Food Delivery App Clone contract with drivers to pick up food at restaurants and bring it to the customers. These delivery driver jobs provide more flexibility than working directly for a restaurant, as drivers can set their own hours.

As independent contractors, drivers for third-party delivery services do not have access to benefits like employer-paid health insurance or paid vacation time. They are also responsible for tracking their earnings in order to meet their end-of-year tax obligation.

Third party delivery companies generally don’t require any cash to change hands, as all finances are handled through an app or website.

Catering Delivery

Delivery driver jobs at catering companies also involves picking up food and delivering it to customers, but it may also have other requirements as well. Drivers may have to pack up food and supplies at the catering kitchen with a large enough catering bag and set up the meal at the venue upon delivery. They may also be required to return non-disposable items to the catering kitchen after the meal is complete.

Drivers may need to finalize payment with customers, although payment will usually be pre-arranged with the catering manager or salesperson.


Food Delivery Jobs

The average annual salary for a delivery driver is $26,457.

Salaries vary depending on the type of delivery. Generally, restaurant delivery drivers make less than drivers for third party companies. The average pizza delivery driver makes $21,000 annually, while third-party delivery drivers can make closer to $40,000 annually.

Keep in mind that third-party delivery companies may pay extra bonuses and premiums to drivers in expensive markets like New York and Los Angeles. Thus, the pay rate in individual markets can vary.

There are also some costs associated with food delivery or catering delivery if you use your own car. You will have to keep your car insured and cover any maintenance costs.

For Instance

Boston bakery Flour Bakery + Café is hiring a catering delivery driver to assemble catering orders and deliver them to customers.

PR Management Corp., operators of 63 Panera locations in New England are looking for individuals to fill delivery driver jobs at their locations in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. These jobs include delivery driver jobs in Plaistow, NH and other New England towns.

Job Requirements


No formal education is generally required for food delivery and catering delivery driving jobs. Some employers may require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Delivery drivers must have a valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle with current inspection and registration unless a vehicle is provided by the employer. A smartphone may be required, and/or a GPS device.

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