Imagine this. You get to the office after a long weekend of healthy eating and lots of good outdoor exercise, and you arrive to find three of your colleagues have their birthday today. As you sit there, gulping down delicious cake bite after bite, you wonder how you will ever manage to eat healthy at work.

Well, you can’t really avoid the birthday cakes that come your way without being rude. But with healthy office catering, you can ensure that everyone is eating healthy during office events or lunches. Read on for some healthy office lunch catering ideas.

Consider Healthier Methods of Food Preparation

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Too many office lunch catering meals end up being fried, instead of being prepared healthily. Try poaching, baking, steaming, grilling, broiling, or roasting your meal instead. This will create delicious meals that are healthy and won’t add too much fat to your staff’s diet.

Consider All Dietary Requirements of Your Staff

Nowadays, everyone seems to be on a special diet of some kind or another. That’s why you need to consider everyone’s dietary requirements in addition to their flavor needs when creating or choosing an on-site catering menu. You should have something on your menu for people on a keto diet, a paleo diet, a vegan diet, and a normal diet.


Consider Ways You Can Add Healthy Ingredients Without Losing Taste

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You don’t want to create a catered meal where it’s so chockfull of healthy ingredients that it loses all semblance of taste and flavor. You want a meal that has healthy ingredients added in, like spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, and more, which enhances the flavor rather than takes away from it.

Consider Portion Size – Even if It’s a Buffet-Style Catered Meal

Too often people will finish everything on their plate, even if they are already full. That’s why you need to help people control their portion sizes by either offering smaller plate sizes or smaller portion sizes. The big eaters can always grab more food if they wish, but this means that the tiny eaters won’t have to worry about cleaning up their plates.

Consider Presenting Food Beautifully to Increase Satisfaction Levels

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Half the battle with an on-site catered meal will be won if you present it beautifully. That will give the guest the satisfaction they seek with their meal and allow them to eat less because their “eyes” are full. Click for more learning on on-site catering meal options.

Office Catering Is More Complicated Than People Realize

You probably didn’t realize how complicated office catering actually is, did you? Reading all the ideas above on how you can offer healthy options to your office catered meals should get you started on this rewarding journey.

If you would like to learn more about healthy office catering, then keep browsing through all the other articles on our website.

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