In this guide, we will talk about how to meal prep. If you want to be as efficient as possible in the kitchen, generating a steady stream of nutritious, tasty meals while wasting as little time as possible, then you need to get into the practice of meal prepping. This is something that might seem a little intimidating at first: if you’re struggling to serve up a single portion, then five, six, or seven might feel like an impossibility. Fortunately, this perception is mistaken.

What Is Meal Prepping?

What Is Meal PreppingMeal prepping is the practice of preparing your meal long before you eat it. This tends to mean preparing several meals in one go. You cook a large batch and store the rest in the fridge, or freezer. Or, you cook meals for the entire week and store them in your fridge, to be eaten as you go.

Why Do People Meal Prep?

Are you wondering how to meal prep? Well, meal prepping confers several distinct advantages, which are worth running through.

Firstly, meal prepping is great for when you’d like to monitor your intake. This makes it perfect for those looking to lose body fat, gain muscle, or train for an event. Typically, meal preppers will put together the week’s intake on a lazy Sunday afternoon, which will provide plenty of time to get portions right. You can even log everything with the help of the right app, or perhaps even with pen and paper.

Secondly, you’ll tend to save money when you take a meal-prepping approach to your week. You can buy more ingredients in larger quantities and thereby benefit from economies of scale. If there’s a core ingredient that you include in several dishes, like noodles or lentils, then you can buy a big pack and spread it out.

Why Do People Meal PrepThirdly, meal prepping will buy you back time in the evenings, or at lunch. You’ll spend less time throwing things together in the kitchen, and you’ll generate far less mess. You can think of this as investing time at the weekend so that you get more of your evenings free. And it tends to be a good deal. If you’re spending thirty minutes cooking and cleaning up every weeknight, then you can spend two hours prepping at the weekend and still be ahead of the game.

Finally, you’ll be able to be more adventurous when it comes to trying out new ideas. If something doesn’t work out, then you can always just move on to the next meal instead – or go to the emergency rations you’re prepared in the freezer.

What Do You Need To Meal Prep?

What Do You Need To Meal PrepThis doesn’t require much of an investment. You’ll need lots of containers, which you can get for free from your local takeaway, or for cheap online. You’ll also need the right cookware and knives. In many cases, you can cook an entire meal using just a single high-quality frying pan – so shop around and go for the quality. Hopefully, you understand how to meal prep guide.

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