So… *ahem* it’s been a little while. I don’t like to write too much about myself (food is much more interesting, I promise), but it would seem strange to just pick up again after so long without any acknowledgment. So here it is, an acknowledgment that yes, I have not written in blog form for a long while. It’s an old story by now– with so many other activities demanding time (moving! writing! teaching! underground kitchen!) the strict-financial-regimen-as-blog became too cumbersome for me to maintain. But I have still found myself fascinated by cooking with an eye for economy. And the subject is certainly as timely as ever. So with a little makeover (no strict food budget anymore, just general writing about kitchen economy) and adjusted expectations (I’ll write when I can, but no guarantee of twice weekly postings), I’m diving back in. And I’ve got a lot of cooking coming up– cider, DIY yogurt, apple jelly made from apple skins, home-brewed beer, foraging for greens! More tasty, thrifty treats for everyone!

  1. Welcome back. I’ve been patiently awaiting, fingers crossed, in the hopes that I will “click” on my “favorites” and it will appear, once again…..

  2. Good to see you back. I think it’s a great idea for you to write when you can. No need to put too much pressure on yourself. This is supposed to be fun, right?

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