The presence of a giant multi-burner gas stove at the core of the cooking line is about as fundamental as it can get in any restaurant.  This stainless steel and iron behemoth employs a huge amount of energy, needs a dedicated ventilation system, and throws a huge amount of heat.

For decenniums, no professional chef would’ve it changed in any way.  However, that is changing now and who is the catalyst? Well, it’s none other than the induction range.  Yes, we are talking about a commercial induction cooker

Commercial induction cooker works in an entirely different method than the traditional electric or gas.  

How induction stove works

An induction cooktop is a type of ceramic cooker but with a totally different operation since it directly heats the container instead of indirectly heating it through the glass by means of resistors. A commercial inductor cooker uses an alternating magnetic field, where, by means of electromagnetism, a magnetic field is created between the container and a copper coil or inductor that is located under the glass, generating the necessary heat so that only the pot or pan that we are going to use is heated, a process that has fewer energy losses.

The material is magnetically stirred, the absorbed energy is released as heat and heats the container. The containers must contain ferromagnetic material at least in the base, so those made of aluminum, terracotta, ceramic, glass, or copper cannot be used with this type of induction stove.

Currently, the cost of induction technology doubles that of traditional glass-ceramic stoves, but the high performance, as well as its greater energy efficiency, make it an attractive investment. 

What is the best induction cooktop?

This is an element that you should consider taking into account your needs and the use that you are going to give it. For those who live alone or as a couple and generally don’t cook too much, a 2-burner induction hob will suffice.

On the other hand, if we are talking about a commercial induction cooker, you will need to go for a 4-burner induction hob, or more depending upon the size of the restaurant. You should also keep in mind that a commercial induction cooker has stoves of different sizes, some larger than others to adapt to different cooking needs.

What is the best portable induction cooktop to buy?

Portability is a great plus point of a commercial induction cooker. After you have decided on the number of hobs, the next thing you should pay attention to is the size. Size is an aspect that is directly related to the number of stoves that the plate has.

You may like the 5-burner induction hobs because you will have more space to cook, but if the kitchen does not allow it, you should go for models with fewer stoves. The 60 cm induction hobs are the ones that usually have 3 cooking zones. And only if you have more space, you can install an induction plate of 80 cm or one of 90 cm. 

When choosing the size of a commercial induction cooker, you may also need to choose the shape. There are oval and rectangular induction hobs. However, the rectangular or square induction hob are the most common.

When it comes to best portable induction cooktop, you must also consider the power of the induction hob. You must bear in mind that when the manufacturer says that the board has a power of 6000 W, it is referring to the sum of the power of each of the hobs.

On the other hand, since there are stoves of different sizes, each one usually has a different power, at least those that are not of the same size. That is, while some cooking zones reach a maximum power of 2400 W, others may only go till 1000 W. You should value this characteristic well taking into account the type of food you usually prepare.

It is also important that you do not get carried away by high numbers. Not all the time it is necessary to use the maximum power since these plates are so efficient that they can heat up quickly. In addition, you must bear in mind that the higher the power of the device, the greater the energy consumption.

Is induction better than gas?

Many people wonder, what is better when it comes to induction cooktop vs gas. If you prioritize your time and simplicity over everything else, then what fits with you is an induction hob. It is a very efficient technology since this type of plate transmits heat directly to the containers, and therefore the cooking time can be cut by half.

In addition to saving a lot of energy, since a commercial induction cooker only heats the area of ​​the container, the induction hobs are very safe, since the risk of accidental burns is greatly reduced.

And there is still one point in its favor: they are very easy to clean. Since they only heat the containers suitable for these plates, when liquids or food are spilled they do not burn, and you only need a damp cloth to remove any residue without the need for a scraper.

Are induction cooktops worth it?

Even though there may be some disadvantages, overall a commercial induction cooker, or. even if you want to get it for your personal space, they are worth it. The great advantage of induction is its greater speed to heat food and, since it will be on for less time, electricity consumption will be lower too.

We also save time when cooking, which is no small feat in a life where we seem to be missing hours. All this thanks to the high efficiency in the heat transfer of this technology that makes sure that only the container is heated, without wasting significant energy. To get an idea, boiling a liter of water on an induction hob can be half the time it would take on a ceramic hob. And not to mention, cleaning them is a breeze too. 

What are the disadvantages of the induction cooker?

As with everything else in the world, there are induction cooktop pros and cons too. 

  • Price

The price of a commercial induction cooker is higher than other types of hob, although it is also true that in the last few years, they are becoming more affordable as technology has improved and supply has increased. 

  • Not all Pots and pans will work with a commercial induction cooker 

The induction cooktop pans for use in the induction hobs must have a base made of ferromagnetic material so that it can make contact with the inductor coils located below and produce the heat. If not, it will not work. 

However, nowadays, most of the kitchen utensils are manufactured which are induction compatible. At the bottom, they usually carry a symbol that indicates that they are suitable and if you are not sure, you can bring a magnet closer and check that it sticks. What is important is that the magnetic zone must occupy the entire base of the pot or pan. If that area is of a smaller diameter, only that sector will be heated and the rest will not reach the appropriate temperature.

Why induction cooking is bad?

The main concern with induction cooking is the stronger magnetic fields that they emit than the other stoves. According to the Swiss Public Health Office, it is not currently known whether the magnetic fields originating from an induction cooker pose a health risk. Its possible effects can be reduced by using the induction cooker correctly.

Do chefs prefer induction or gas?

As of now, there is a general preference for gas, as it is usually cheaper and very efficient in time. The alternative that prevails in high-end restaurants is a commercial induction cooker which is also very fast, cost-efficient, and easy to clean; There are some induction cookers that can maintain very accurate temperature controls, aiding quality control.

As a matter of fact, chefs are gradually switching to purely electric appliances which include electric pressure cookers. It will be not surprising if in the coming years we see commercial induction cooker replacing gas stoves in commercial kitchens. 

Is induction bad for health?

As mentioned above, the main concern regarding a commercial induction cooker is the electromagnetic field that is emitted by the appliance.  The induction hobs work by means of magnetic fields that in contact with the container generate heat. Therefore we are dealing with an element that generates electric and magnetic fields.

As in all doubts about the safety of electromagnetic fields on the human body, the industry is responsible for presenting enough studies to demonstrate that electromagnetic fields are harmless to humans. Pregnant women and children may be more vulnerable groups.

Does an induction cooker consume a lot of electricity?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, one of the great advantages of a commercial induction cooker is that their energy consumption is the lowest of all-electric cookers and even that of the traditional gas cookers.

This great saving in energy consumption is one of the key factors that has made induction hobs the current kitchen system of choice and the best-selling type of cooker. 

Reasons why a commercial induction cooker consumes less

  • Heat is generated instantly:  as soon as the container is placed, the electromagnetic field is created and the container immediately begins to heat up. This makes consumption-optimized.
  • The precision and speed of induction hobs manage power consumption much more efficiently.
  • Electricity consumption is lower by dissipating less electrical energy, as the induction hob recognizes the size of the container placed on it.
  • An induction hob has no power consumption if it does not have a pan on it even if the hob is on. 
  • The new models of induction hobs are designed to optimize energy consumption, and also usually incorporate interesting functions to save on electricity consumption.

Is induction cheaper to run than gas?

Both gas and commercial induction cooker have their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, consumers do not have the same habits or needs, so the final decision as to which is cheaper will depend on many factors.

Main disadvantages of induction:

  • High acquisition cost
  • Suitable containers of ferromagnetic material are needed.

The advantages of a commercial induction cooker:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quick cleaning
  • Directly heat the container
  • Very novel technology

Disadvantages of gas cooking :

  • The cleaning process is the most complicated 
  • The price of the cylinder is at its historical highs.
  • Periodic reviews are required.
  • Kitchen accidents are more likely with gas.

Advantages of gas cooking :

  • It consumes less energy.
  • It allows for any type of container

Is induction cooking healthy?

A commercial induction cooker can surely cook healthier meals. The precision of induction cookers allows you to have a stable oil temperature. This is very important since if the oil is overheated, it will lose its antioxidant properties and vitamin E. If the oil is not hot enough to fry, the food we are frying will absorb more oil. In addition to the resulting oily flavor, they will be unhealthy.

Another point that we have to take into account is when the pans are overheated, they lose their non-stick properties. In the case of pans with Teflon, it begins to come off when the temperature reaches 250 degrees. And in pans with more powerful non-sticks, instead of coming off at high temperatures, a dark layer is formed on the surface of the pan that is a tar resin. 

The most modern induction hobs allow you to have exact control of the oil temperature, thus avoiding the above problems.

Is induction stove cheaper than gas?

As mentioned above, whether induction stove top will be cheaper or gas one will largely depend upon your usage and other factors. However, when you go to buy a new appliance, a commercial induction cooker will certainly be more expensive. However, usually, these are more energy-efficient and require much less maintenance. In the long run, they may actually prove much cheaper than their gas counterparts. 

If we are looking for lower electricity consumption, safety, functionality, and aesthetics, it is well worth making that economic effort and opting for one of the wide range of models and brands that exist on the market. 

This greater outlay in many cases will be compensated over time by savings in consumption and satisfaction produced by its benefits. 

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