People love to eat throughout Japan. However, when it comes to “foodie” areas, Osaka stands out as one of the ultimate food destinations in the entire country.

A favorite for locals and visitors to this area is Osaka street food. If you want to get a taste of the flavors you may encounter during your visit, keep reading. Below, you can find some of the top picks from Osaka and get a glimpse into why this is considered a foodie paradise.

5 Types of Osaka Street Food

1. Takoyaki

Made with a batter of eggs, flour, and dashi (a Japanese soup stock), Takoyaki is poured into round, ball-shaped molds, with bites of boiled octopus added to the mix. The batter is baked and then served hot right out of the molds.

2. Kushikatsu

Also called kushiage, this is a type of traditional Japanese street food made of skewered, seasoned, and grilled meat. The word “Kushi” refers to the actual skewers, and “katsu” refers to a deep-fried piece of meat.

You can find Kushikatsu in many shapes and forms. It’s made with seafood, pork, seasonal vegetables, and chicken.

The ingredients are then served on a bamboo skewer after a coating of panko breadcrumbs and egg are applied. The entire skewer is then deep fried in vegetable oil.

3. Okonomiyaki

This is the Japanese variation of a savory pancake that’s filled with cabbage and a topping of your choice. The actual style of okonomiyaki depends on the chef cooking it, and the toppings are all up to you.

The best way to find these delicious pancakes is by walking through Dotonbori. You can use the JR Kansai WIDE Area Pass to get to this area of Okasa.

4. Ramen

Chances are you have cooked your own ramen once or twice. However, when visiting Japan, it’s an absolute necessity to try the real thing.

Ramen is a bowl of noodles that comes in three types of broth:

  • Tonkotsu – pork
  • Miso – soybean paste
  • Shoyu – soy sauce

Something to understand about eating ramen in Japan is that it’s normal and even expected for you to slurp your noodles.

5. Yakiniku

Originally, the word yakiniku referred to grilling Western meats. However, today it means the Japanese style of cooking bite-sized pieces of vegetables and meat over charcoal or wood.

In the Western world, this is often referred to as Japanese barbecue. You can find Yakiniku in izakayas, which care Japanese pub restaurants and in stalls on the street.

What Osaka Street Food Will You Try?

When it comes to Osaka street food, there are more than a few dishes to try. You’ll likely find a few street stalls you love to visit and find yourself there often.

If you love food and want to find even more ways to enjoy the food you love, check out our blog. You can learn about food, foodies, and amazing places to visit to have the perfect food vacation.

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