Did you know there are more than 1000 pizza topping recipes? Pizza lovers all over the US are debating on the most popular pizza topping.

From the infamous pineapple to the old-school pepperoni, there’s a lot on the list. This short guide will give you the top 10 most popular pizza toppings in the US.

10. Ham and Pineapple

Ham and Pineapple pizza

Despite its controversy among many pizza lovers, Ham and Pineapple is a definitive choice. Some people are adamant about hating this kind of pizza. But, different combinations may surprise veteran pizza eaters.

Instead of ham, try capicola, and instead of pineapple make a pineapple chutney. This may alter your opinions on the matter and change your pizza-loving perspective.

9. Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Tomatoes and Mozzarella

This is a signature pizza combination that pairs well with the New-York style pizza lovers. You can usually find the tomatoes cut into slices and glazed over the pizza with fresh garlic or basil.

The mozzarella is fine on its own. But, the tomato brings a great combination to the mozzarella. The quality of mozzarella can differ from restaurant to restaurant. The way the mozzarella is placed on the pizza can also differ in many pizza spots. But overall, this is another great classic pizza combination.

8. Black Olives and Mushrooms

Black Olives and Mushrooms

Some people are not fans of this choice as well. The veggie and olive combination might come as a surprise to certain people.

But, more and more pizza chains are adding black olives as an addition to mushrooms. The meatiness of the mushroom blends with the brininess of the black olive.

7. Sausage and Peppers

Sausage and Peppers

Another classic in the list of great toppings. The saltiness and meatiness of the sausage pair well with the docile array of peppers.

This particular combination is a great choice for people that are interested in Chicago deep-dish pizzas. Whether you’re a fan of thin-crust or deep dishes, this is sure to satisfy the deep dish combo.

6. Roasted Veggies Assortment

Roasted Veggies Assortment

People don’t usually associate healthy greens and vegetables with heavier salty pizzas. But an assortment of broccoli, peppers, and onions can do the trick. Though it doesn’t constitute a salad, it can still add strong nutritional value.

The roasting of spinach and other vegetables can bring out the flavoring. There’s a caramelization to it, the roasted vegetables give the vegetables a pop. No matter the combination, always make sure they’re roasted on top.

5. Bacon and Veggie

Bacon and Veggie

Bacon is notorious for pairing well with several different combinations. It can pair well with sausage, pepperoni, and onions. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bacon combination with fig.

It may seem out of sorts but many northern pizzas pair bacon with fig and it is a surprising but good combination. The gaminess and the saltiness allow for both flavors to pop.

Many may not consider bacon as the top pizza topping in their head. A lot of bacon eaters save their bacon for breakfast. But, if you throw it on a pizza, it will allow for a fruitful combination of flavors.

4. Salami and Sausage Meat Lovers

Salami and Sausage Meat lovers

Certain areas of the states know it as a meat lovers combo. But, the combination of sweet sausage, salami, and soppressata give room for a whole new slew of flavors.

This combination pairs well with Detroit Style pizzas and Chicago thin-crust pizzas. It can also soothe some fans who enjoy New-York style pizzas. But, you can try many different pizza toppings with any meat lovers pizza.

3. Sausage & Peppers

Sausage & Peppers

Any combination of banana peppers and sausage will cut through and pizza lovers taste buds. The acidity of the flavor comes together through the cheese. Then, the saltiness and chewiness of the meat bring it all together.

Some chefs stove cook the meats before adding them while others allow the sausage to cook inside the pizza. Either way, this green pepper or banana pepper combination can bring out the sweetness and tanginess. Their brininess also pairs well with the Detroit-style pizzas.

2. Barbecue Chick and Onion Style

Barbecue Chick and Onion

Barbeque Chicken is a popular flavor among many pizza lovers. Similarly, it’s confusing and controversial like many lovers of Ham and Pineapple. But, this is can bring a harmonic touch to your pizza.

The sprinkling of the red onion can deliver a bite. This can break through the richness of the barbeque chicken. It’s important for cooks not to burn the chicken.

Once you lay the dough out, add a thin layer of chicken underneath the cheese. Once you finish cooking, add a layer of chicken to top it off. See what other classic pizza topping combinations you can find for your next dinner.

1. Classic Pepperoni

Classic Pepperoni

Pepperoni is a timeless classic, no other pizza topping comes close to replacing it as the original pizza topping. Pepperoni is a topping where you can never go wrong.

There are so many different combinations of pepperoni. But, doubling down on pepperoni alone will always take the cake. It is on top of the most popular pizzas and is seen as the most popular pizza in the USA.

There are many different pizza combinations across the states. People are trying new combinations every day. Various toppings such as shrimp, anchovies, and even Nutella.

Try these various toppings on any style of pizza you want to see which best suits your taste. Perhaps, you will discover the new pizza topping that will sweep the nation.

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