This summer, I’ve given myself a little challenge: each week I’ll cook dishes celebrating one color of the spectrum.  I’ll post tips for cooking foods that are (naturally) that week’s color and I’ll create a recipe celebrating that particular hue. Stay tuned for lots of new recipes and tips about colorful cooking! It’s a demanding pace, but I’m having so much fun with the research for this challenge– I can’t wait to make my way through the rest of the rainbow!

Week 1: Red

Red Food Roundup!

Yucatan Style Roasted Trout

Week 2: Orange

Orange Food Roundup!

Curried Coconut Ice Cream with Mango Chutney

Week 3: Yellow

Yellow Food Roundup

Turmeric Ginger Beer

Week 4: Green

Green Food Roundup!

Green Rice with Fava Beans and Garlic Scapes

Week 5: Blue

Blue Food Roundup!

Blue Moon Tart

Week 6: Purple

Purple Food Roundup

Lavender Blueberry Semifreddo

Week 7: Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet Foods

Luminous Watermelon Salad