We usually don’t bother much about sauces and dips we consume and in vain. Some of them, like salsa, can be surprisingly beneficial despite their simple content.

If you only know that salsa is a tomato sauce, we suggest you get familiar with its shelf life, storage specifics, and other common facts. And now we are going to take a closer look at this foodstuff’s history and its health usefulness in particular.

Salsa And Its Useful Traits

Salsa. History And Health Profit

This sauce (someone calls it condiment) is a traditional foodstuff in Mexican and South-American cuisines. And its name literally means “sauce” in Mexican!

The traditional salsa is made of tomatoes with the addition of some chili, garlic, and onion that makes this condiment burn your tongue. Salsa can be cooked or made of freshly chopped ingredients – it all hangs upon the tradition of a certain region.

Most of us don’t know about it but various types of this sauce exist. “Fresh salsa” is made of raw tomatoes, lime juice, chili, onions, and cilantro leaves; “black salsa” contains dried chili, oil, and garlic, whereas green condiment is made of tomatillos, veggies that resemble tomatoes a bit.

There are even mango, pineapple, avocado, corn, and carrot sauces! And each of them is spicy and hot.

But except for adding some fire to the daily meal, this condiment has several undeniable health benefits that can make you think of having a jar in your fridge all the time.

  1. Salsa is a source of vitamin C due to lime juice, onions, and tomatoes
  2. It helps to balance our blood sugar level since it is filled with natural fiber
  3. It’s hydrating, and not only because it will make you drink liters of water to bring that fire down! Since this sauce is mostly tomato, and those veggies have ninety-five percent of their weight from water, salsa can keep you well hydrated
  4. Salsa decreases the risk of cancer (thanks to tomatoes again!)
  5. Guess what?! If you eat this sauce regularly, you can say good-bye to the unwanted fat! Yes, this Mexican sauce will burn it out!
  6. Salsa is a heart-friendly foodstuff because it is cholesterol-free
  7. It’s a low-calorie product
  8. This condiment is a source of potassium that all of us need so much, and this element helps to maintain our mineral balance and regulate the blood pressure
  9. Since salsa contains onions, too, it has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect
  10. It’s finally rich in citric acid which means that salsa eaters can say good-bye to kidney stones

Salsa And Its Useful Traits

And what is even better about this foodstuff is that you don’t necessarily have to go to the store to get it! Salsa is extremely simple to make yourself with the least of supplies. In addition, you will be absolutely sure that your sauce has no additives, preservatives, or other non-healthy chemicals that can often be found in commercial foods.

So grab a pack of tomatoes, some chili, and garlic, and make yourself a burning sauce to enrich your dishes and boost your health! 

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