Remember that time when I spent seven weeks obsessing over the colors of food? Well, this Wednesday (March 7th) I’m teaching a class all about pigments in food. If you’re in New York you can come!  You can sign up at my class listing through skillshare. I will make you tea, talk animatedly about pretty food pictures, and then feed you some gorgeously colorful snacks. It will be a hoot.

As a little teaser for my class (or the Cliff notes version for those of you who can’t make it), I thought I’d share a little infographic I drew up. It’s imperfect. It’s fun. And hopefully, it’s  a little informative, too.

And if you’ve noticed that my posting has been a bit *ahem* on the light side of late. Well, don’t worry. It’s just because I’ve been cooking up a storm for other offline activities. I’ll be back to geeking out on the web before you know it.

  1. thats awesome. super informative (quirky!) and i wish i could be there for your class, and tea, and colorful snacks. and photos. more soon i hope!

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