A party isn’t a party until the Jello Shots have been brought out. College students, office workers, and even people who are over the hill will be drawn to these gelatin based treats. Perhaps you have a few questions about these jiggly concoctions that have been eating at you for a while. Wonder no more, get everything you need to know here!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Jello Shots can be found here

What exactly is a Jello Shot?

Jello Shots

The perfect mix of alcohol, flavored gelatin, and water create shots. Plastic or paper cups are usually used to make the shots, which will be partially solid when they’re done. While people usually think of Jell-O and college students when they think of shots, they have a history with The Bartender’s Guide, which dates back to 1862.

When making Jello Shots, which alcohol should be used?

Any alcohol that you prefer can be used to make Jello Shots, but one of the most common ingredients is Vodka. Certain alcohols can be used for special recipes. Fireball will give a Fireball Jello Shot, rum can be used for Jello Shot that works well with Coke, and you can even use tequila for a Jello Shot based on the Tequila Sunrise. Anything you can imagine can become a Jello Shot. You can even make glowing Jello Shot with an injector.

When making Jello Shots, which Vodka works best?

Any brand of vodka will work for Jello Shots, and if you want to have a specific flavor, you can use flavored vodka varieties. You don’t have to pay for an expensive vodka brand, as the Jell-O will overshadow any quality of vodka, but if that’s what you have on hand, then use it.

How much alcohol does each Jello Shot have?


You’ll have to avoid putting too much alcohol into the Jello Shot or it will have difficulty setting. There is some variation in the ratio of alcohol needed, but generally, half a cup is used, along with half a cup of cold water, a cup of water or juice, depending on the recipe, and a gelatin packet. The shots that are made from these amount will produce an ABV of 10 percent.

What’s the right amount of Jell-O to make Jello Shots?

10 Jello Shots at 2 ounces each will need a 3 ounce box of Jell-O.

How long can the Jello Shots be stored?


They can stay in the refrigerator anywhere from seven to ten days while in a container with a cover.

What’s the secret to making Jello Shots that are strong?

If they’re anything that can compare to the problem of weak shots, it’s Jello Shots that are too strong. There has to be a perfect balance with the shots. For anyone who wants to live on the wild side with a strong shot, a longer refrigeration time is needed. We figured out through experimentation that a full day is need for shots that have been made with 80 proof alcohol and water, using a three to one ratio.

Can a freezer be used to make Jello Shots?

Jello Shots that are placed in the freezer won’t set any faster. They’ll simply become icy and frosty on the top. The refrigerator is still the best way to make them.

When Jello Shots are placed in the fridge, when will they finally set?

Usually it takes two hours for shots to set in the refrigerator, but depending on how much alcohol is added, this time can vary.

Just remember that when you do decide to take them out to enjoy, it’s best if you enjoy them with good and responsible company!Β 

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