What better way to spend your weekend than having a romantic sunrise breakfast with your loved one? Watching sunrise and sunshine with your partner increases the couples’ level of intimacy and enhances mindfulness, which is essential for a beautiful healthy relationship. You can bring your favorite breakfast meals up a hill after a long hike and watch the sunrise together as you eat. For some folks, a blanket in the backyard, with some eggs, toasts, avocados, and fresh juices is enough to call it a sunrise breakfast. 

What Is a Sunrise Breakfast? 

In generic meaning, sunrise breakfast means eating your breakfast while savoring the mesmerizing moment when the sun comes out and starts shining on us. The true meaning of sunrise breakfast, however, can be unique for everyone. For some people, it can be hiking for hours on top of a cliff and sipping on their coffee while witnessing the tiny rays of sun tearing through the sky. While others may consider a full course breakfast on the Grand Canyon as their ideal sunrise breakfast. No matter what your definition of a sunrise breakfast is, one thing is sure; you cannot start your day with anything better than a sunrise breakfast.

Sunrise Breakfast Menu

If you are planning on having a romantic sunrise breakfast with your lovely spouse, the important question is what should you bring with you for breakfast. Your sunrise breakfast menu should not be too heavy that you cannot eat anything all day. Bringing light but healthy breakfast items are the key to having the best time of your life with your partner. If you are unsure what should be your menu for your first ever sunrise breakfast, let us help. We have listed the top food items you can add to your sunrise breakfast menu: 

  • Sandwiches 
sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

For a sunrise breakfast, sandwiches are the ideal food option, because they are easier to make, easier to store, and easier to carry around. Apart from that sandwiches are so diverse, you can add or remove any ingredient to make a new kind of sandwich. For making your sandwiches you can follow any sunrise breakfast recipe or modify it to give rise to a new creation of sandwiches. if you like to add a little bit more fun to your sunrise breakfast, bring English muffins/toasts, patties, veggies, and other ingredients to your destination and make them fresh.

  • Coffee or Smoothies 
sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

You can have an equal amount of fun irrespective of whether you are a coffee person or a smoothie person. It may be possible that you and your partner are two totally different personalities. One starting his/her day with coffee while the other not being able to function without gulping down a large glass of veggie smoothie. If that is the case in your relationship too, it is safe to bring two separate thermoses to your sunrise breakfast; one for coffee and the other one for the smoothie.

  • Fruits and Berries 
sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

Eating healthy while being able to enjoy the moment is the best kind of feeling to experience with your partner. Bringing fruits, nuts, and berries to your sunrise breakfast spot can add so many flavors to your meal. Some people like to eat oatmeal with strawberries and raspberries which is a great start for a fresh and healthy morning.

  • Pancakes 
sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

You can have pancakes all day but nothing beats eating the fresh and soft pancakes with some sweet maple syrup on them. Pancakes not only add beauty to your sunrise breakfast menu but are also quick to make and pack for your sunrise breakfast date with your loved one.

6 Breathtaking Spots for Romantic Sunrise Breakfast 

Once you have decided what to bring to your sunrise breakfast picnic, the central question comes forward which is; where to go to see the dazzling colors of the rising sun? Everyone wishes to wake up early in the morning to witness the birds flying around everywhere waiting for the sun to come out soon, but only a few are able to experience it. If you and your partner are one of those few lucky individuals, then our list of these breathtaking sunrise breakfast spots is perfect for you. Here it is:

The Grand Canyon

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

How can we talk about a romantic getaway with your partner without mentioning the Grand Canyon, which is an iconic natural scenery located in Arizona? The Grand Canyon is one of the most examined landscapes in the world, with hundreds of people coming here each day to see the magnificent views with their family and friends. 

You can pack your breakfast meals and go all the way up to the South Rim of this 277 miles long glorious landscape and share an intimate moment with your loved one. At the Grand Canyon, the early birds have the advantage of getting the most of the landscape to themselves because people usually start showing up after sunrise. So pack your backs and have the best time of your life with a romantic sunrise breakfast with your partner.

Acadia National Park

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

Acadia National Park is a must-go place to witness the first-ever sunrise in America. This old national park is located in Maine and it is a beautiful place to feel the warm rays of sun falling on your face. The Cadillac Mountain is the actual spot where you can see the sunrise before anybody in the entire country. Your sunrise breakfast date becomes even more enjoyable sitting on top of a mountain, looking towards the panoramic views across the horizon. The sky above the Cadillac Mountain turns a mixture of orange, pink, purple and red, as the sun slowly rises from underneath the deep layers of the sky.

Key West

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

The people who feel more connected to beaches rather than the mountains should definitely plan their sunrise breakfast on the glorious beaches of the Key West. Situated in Florida, the Key West is known for its magnificent views of sunrise and sunsets. You can bring your favorite blanket and your breakfast meals to a Key West beach and sit down to gulp down your coffee while looking at the beauty of nature. There are many hotels and natural viewpoints in Key West as well if you wish to spend some days off work with your loved one.

Lookout Mountain

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

Even if you are not into climbing and hiking, you can still plan your sunrise breakfast on the Lookout Mountain, situated in Colorado. That is because the long stretched mountain can easily be reached by car or any other vehicle. You can bring all your breakfast items, lay them down on your blanket and enjoy the meal with the golden views of the rising sun with your partner.

Yosemite National Park 

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

You can visit the Yosemite National Park any time of the year, regardless of the season because this spot, which is located in California has bright colors of the sky throughout the year. For the most splendid sunrise breakfast memories, head over to the 7,500 feet tall Taft Point in the Yosemite National Park, where you can see the sunrise as well as the sunset. People feel closer to each other when the sky around them seems so peaceful and mesmerizing. You should not forget to add Yosemite Park to your list of sunrise breakfast spots for the future.

Fire Island 

sunrise breakfast
Sunrise Breakfast

Fire Island is one of the most photogenic and bright spots in New York for its amazing views of sunrise and sunset. For all the beach lover couples out there who are planning on spending some time quality time together while having a sunrise breakfast, this is the right spot for you guys. You can not only make memories of the magical sunrise but also take plenty of appealing photographs as well at the Fire Island.

What Are the Types of Breakfast? 

Breakfast is the opening snack of the day which according to the health experts is the most essential meal of our entire day. Typically, breakfast time starts at 7 am and ends at 10:30 am, but there are multiple variations in the timing according to the region of the world and the type of breakfast. Due to a common misconception people often search what are the 3 types of breakfast? But in reality, there are more than three types of breakfast available around the world, including:

American Breakfast 

Generally speaking, American breakfast is a hefty meal that starts with water or fresh juice. It has diverse options for the type of juices, smoothies, and beverages like coffee. In a typical American breakfast, you will notice lots of eggs, meat (sausages, bacon, patties), and bread, in several different forms, like fried eggs, poached eggs, omelets, etc. Americans also love to eat oatmeal, fruits, and pancakes for breakfast.

English Breakfast 

The key ingredients of an English breakfast are bacon and eggs which are sided with the grilled tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, and few pieces of toast. In the drink and beverage choices, they prefer fresh juices and English tea. English breakfast is a bit more sophisticated and elaborative in terms of the serving and the ingredients, as compared to the American breakfast.

Continental Breakfast 

Continental breakfast consists of pure European ingredients such as croissants, pastries, brioche, and bread rolls, served with butter. The continental breakfast comes with a choice of coffee, tea, fresh juices, or some other hot beverage like cocoa. In the continental breakfast having only a tea or coffee for breakfast is called café simple, whereas any kind of toast served with jam or butter, along with the tea/coffee is known as café complete. These are the two types of continental breakfasts you will find in any European country.

Middle Eastern Breakfast

The authentic Middle Eastern breakfast meals have some of the most complex names, such as shakshouka eggs, halloumi, tahini, and baba ghanoush. The hummus which Americans as well as other people all around the world love, is also included in the Middle Eastern breakfast menu. Their breakfast contains a lot of fresh vegetable sides with the main courses, like cucumber, olives, carrots, and tomatoes, etc.

Indian Breakfast 

Indian breakfast is a full-course heavy meal that can last your day without having lunch and dinner because there are enough calories in it. Indian breakfast mostly consists of vegetables cooked in fats, a flatbread (roti), chickpeas gravy, and chutneys served with hot tea or coffee. 

Italian Breakfast

Italians are famous for their delicious dishes, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A traditional Italian breakfast consists of a hard bread that looks like a cookie but is as hard as a rusk. That rusk/cookie bread is known as Fette biscotate. The modern breakfast places in Italy serve a hot cup of latte or expresso, with a toast and jam. You can also get some delicious sweet baked products that are originated in Italy for an Italian breakfast.

What Is the Healthiest Breakfast? 

Starting your day with a healthy morning meal is very important to stay hale and hearty but doesn’t mean that you eat anything you find as breakfast. Because skipping a breakfast meal altogether is better than having something junk or unhealthy for your first meal of the day. Here is a list of the healthiest breakfast options you can have in the morning: 

Muffin with Eggs 

As common as it sounds, it is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have in the morning. Eating an English muffin with a fried or scrambled egg and some veggies like spinach and onions is considered a very balanced breakfast in terms of nutrients. According to the nutritionists, you require protein, veggies, and carbohydrates to kick start your day and this breakfast option has them all.

Oatmeal and Nuts

Experts in the diet and food sector suggest that you should consume more products that have whole grains to compensate for the fiber requirements of the human body. Hence eating oatmeal for breakfast is a wonderful and healthy choice, because of the maximum fiber contents in them. You can pair your oatmeal with milk to make it soft or you can layer it with honey, nuts, and fruits and eat one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have. 

Toast with Peanut Butter and Strawberries

Eating your organic toast with peanut butter topped with some berries like bananas and strawberries is another healthy breakfast. Not only does it make you full with just one toast, but it is also delicious to eat and provides a lot of energy. You can also add organic homemade jam on top of the peanut butter to give it a bit of a twist. Most people like to garnish their peanut butter toast with strawberries mostly but you can add any kind of berries like blueberry or raspberry.

French Toast with Coffee

French toasts are full of carbohydrates and which are just as important for our body as proteins and fats. You can make your French toasts, even more, healthier by making them from brown bread and egg whites. Pairing your toast with a hot coffee boosts up your entire day because coffee contains the right amount of caffeine to kick-start your day perfectly.

Shakes and Smoothies 

People who gulp down a large glass of their favorite smoothy don’t eat anything else in breakfast because it is so heavy and nutritious. The smoothies made from a combination of fruits or vegetables have a lot of protein content and they are especially healthy for gym enthusiasts. People who do heavy work also seem to enjoy protein shakes which according to a study, have enough calories to last most of the day. That is because whey protein lowers the appetite and the person consumes less food throughout the day.

Bananas and Greek Yogurt 

One of the healthiest things you can have for breakfast is undoubtedly Greek yogurt; it is creamy, delightful, and full of proteins. The Greek yogurt has no added sugars which is why you can pair it perfectly with juicy fresh fruits and berries. The Greek Yogurt can also be eaten with oatmeal, nuts granola, and peanut butter.

What Is the Best Light Breakfast? 

Having a healthy breakfast is important but that’s doesn’t always have to be a meal full of fats and carbs every day, a light breakfast can be healthy too. Especially for the people who are planning a sunrise breakfast, our list of delicious light breakfast options will be enlightening. Here it is:

Homemade Granola Bars

A homemade granola bar is the best breakfast choice for people who have way too hectic a life to sit and eat properly but at the same time want to eat something nutritious. Homemade granola bars are better than the granola bars you buy from the market. Oatmeals, nuts, dried fruits, and coconuts combined are one of the best light breakfasts you can have.

Scrambled Eggs

If you are not in a mood for a full hefty breakfast, having just a small serving of scrambled eggs can make you feel the energy of the day without eating a heavy breakfast. Scrambled eggs provide the right amount of proteins needed for a morning without making you feel heavier. Another thing that makes the scrambled eggs a great light breakfast choice is the time it takes to make them, you can make scrambled eggs in less than five minutes.


Eating any type of yogurt takes only a few minutes and you don’t get the feeling of getting lazy or  snoozy which you get after eating a full course breakfast, as your stomach gets extremely full. The Greek yogurt Parfait is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a quick yogurt breakfast. You can have Greek yogurt Parfait any time of the day as it serves as a quick meal.


Even though hashbrowns are just potatoes, you can add other veggies and even a poached egg with them to make a complete yet light meal for a quick breakfast. The best thing about hashbrowns is that you can make a bunch of them when you have time and then eat one or two every day after heating instead of making new ones each day.


Nothing can beat cereal in being the quickest and lightest breakfast ever, all you have to do is pour the milk and the cereal in a bowl, and you are done making it. Cereals have so much diversity, you can get any time of cereal you like from oatmeal’s and barley to chocolate-flavored cereals and corn flakes. Oatmeal and nuts with milk are considered a very healthy and yet light breakfast meal to start your day.

Toast with Avocado 

A slice of whole-wheat bread with mashed avocado can be the best breakfast meal if you are in a hurry. To make an avocado toast, all you have to do is mash the avocado, and spread it on a toast of brown bread, then top it up with some salt and pepper, and maybe a few drops of lime juice. Avocado paired with the brown bread toast is easier to carry too if you are getting late to work and want a light breakfast on your way to work. 

What Should You Not Eat for Breakfast? 

No doubt breakfast is an important meal of the day but you have to be careful what you are eating during that time because not everything we eat for breakfast is good for us. Here are the top food items that you should not be eating for breakfast:

Packed Juices and Smoothies 

When the nutritionists say that you should drink more and more juices and have smoothies for breakfast, they are not talking about the packaged ones. The smoothies and juices that come from the market packed in plastic bottles have a lot of fo preservatives in them which make them unfit for our health. Therefore if you like juices and smoothies, make them at home with fresh fruits and veggies.

Sugary Cereals 

Eating cereals with milk is not itself an unhealthy breakfast but when people choose sugary cereals like those coated in chocolates etc., then it is not good to eat those first thing in the morning. Always be careful in choosing your cereal and make sure they don’t contain much sugar contents and contain a maximum amount of fiber. Studies have shown that people who consume cereals more in the morning end up getting sick more, due to the artificial nutrients. 


Pastries are not a healthy choice for breakfast, especially those that are commercially sold like pop tarts. They are made with a high dose of sugar, refined flour, and syrups, none of which is a good food choice for the first meal of the day.

Candy Bars 

Eating candy bars for breakfast is fairly common in teenagers and school-going children without realizing the health risks they pose to their health. Candy bars and chocolates have a high percentage of artificial sweeteners and preservatives that can be damaging to our bodies in many ways. So always avoid eating candy bars too much during the day and eat none of them during breakfast time, because they are the worst things to eat in the morning.

Waffles and Muffins 

Muffins and waffles are made using eh refined flour which can cause so many stomach problems, especially in young children. Both of them contain sugar too which is not recommended for a healthy breakfast. Something more harmful than muffins and waffles is packeted muffins and waffles that we get at commercial stores. Those packaged food items are made in such ways that they contribute a lot to the rising obesity. So next time you are thinking of grabbing some muffins for your sunrise breakfast, don’t. 

Which Country Has the Best Breakfast? 

The best breakfast title has been won by Venezuela because the breakfast served in this country has the perfect balance of all the nutrients needed for the body. A typical breakfast there, consists of different kinds of meat, salted cheese, chicken, butter, vegetables, eggs, beans, and avocados. Each food item in this breakfast provides an appropriate amount of calories and nutrients required by the human body. Other than Venezuela, the typical breakfast served in Turkey, Scotland, and Ireland is also very healthy and best for the human body.

Tips For Planning an Amazing Sunrise Picnic 

Whether it’s a sunrise breakfast date with your loved one or a family sunrise picnic, there are some things you have to keep in mind to get the most of that experience. A picnic is not like a hangout together where you just get ready to go out and come back after eating something. A sunrise breakfast picnic or a picnic in general demands bringing in your food, utensils, sanitizers, and something to sit on. Even after reaching your picnic destination, there are some important things to keep in mind, therefore we have mentioned some basic tips about planning a sunrise picnic, which includes:

Choose the Right Picnic Basket and Coolers

If you are planning a sunrise breakfast picnic with your partner in winters then, it is fine choosing wooden or plastic food baskets, where the food gets cold easily. But during the summers you don’t want your drinks getting hot and food being spoiled, so you should bring a cooler along with the basket. For a great picnic experience, always bring a food basket for the stuff that doesn’t spoil like the snacks and candies, and a cooler bag for all the home prepared food items and your drinks. 

Pick a Blanket Large Enough to Put All of Your Stuff on It

The first thing that comes to mind when picturing a picnic or a sunrise breakfast is a colorful checkered blanket, where you put all of your stuff. A general rule for planning a sunrise picnic is that the larger the blanket is, the better it is. A blanket that can hardly fit a food basket and other essentials is not enough for a good picnic because of the lack of sitting space. Biggers blankets have the advantage of allowing the person to lie down and view the sunrise on the horizon. This is especially helpful if you are planning a sunrise breakfast picnic with your partner because such moments last forever. And if you think that you don’t have a big enough blanket, consider packing two or three of the small ones to accommodate all the members invited to the picnic.

Select Your Food Items Carefully 

Since a sunrise picnic means driving a long way to a mountain or beach and it may even involve hiking for some hours, you don’t want your food to get spoiled or soggy the time you reach your destination. So you should always focus on the kind of food you are packing for your picnic, pick the food items that can stand the outside temperature and those that won’t turn soggy after some time. Don’t forget to put the disposable utensils and suitable containers for eating your food watching the sunrise. 

Don’t Forget the Sunblock and Hats

As most people like to go to the mountain tops and rocky beaches for their sunrise breakfast picnics, sunblock and hats have become an important component of a picnic. The chances of sunburn are somewhat greater at the higher altitudes as you are relatively nearer to the sunrays. Direct sun rays on your head, face, and arms can cause serious health issues, therefore you should never forget to bring sunblock and hats to your picnic destination.

Pack Lots of Hand Wipes and Sanitizers

One thing that people often overlook in their picnic planning is the cleaning agents, they will be needing after the picnic is over. Planning enough hand wipes to clean everyones’ sticky fingers is very important unless you want to spend your way back home all tacky. Another purpose that these cleaning agents serve in a sunrise breakfast picnic is that they clean your hands for eating after you have been hiking or playing in the sand for hours.

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