Summertime is all about enjoying the sunshine and getting together with friends. There’s no better way to do that than a classic hog roast

From family reunions to festivals and fairs, there’s never a shortage of reasons to break out the grill and roast a pig. Originating in medieval times where successful boar hunts would end in a celebration roast, keeping the tradition alive is a testament to our heritage.

The average hog roast is over 50 kg and serves so many people, it’s a no-brainer why we continue to serve these roasts every year. If you’re looking to host your own, make it a big party with at least fifty guests. Openly invite your whole neighbourhood and encourage guests to bring sides to share. There are so many options in making a hog roast the perfect summer event for all of your guests, no matter how many you want to invite.

Summertime Menu Staples

Since every get-together is a different set of people with different food options to pair, it’s impossible to get bored with the menu options.

American sweet BBQ sauce or an Asian tangy flavour can add a brand new dynamic to this tradition if you’re looking to add a hog roast to your next summer get-together. Try adding a teriyaki glaze to the skin to give a wonderful smell to your roast!

It’s hard to say something pair well with a good hog roast. Classic summer sides such as Corn-on-the-cob, potato salad, and baked beans are a must. Even fresh fruit salads or an assortment of desserts are a welcome addition to any hog roast. Serve these things with a summertime cocktail or light beer to turn the meal into a party.

The event of a roast brings back the nostalgia of summer. It reminds us of grandma’s secret potato salad recipe or trying to eat corn when we were missing our front teeth as a children. They remind us of time spent with family and friends during trips out of town on holiday. When we participate in a roast, we get to remember all of the good times we shared with the people that mean the most to us.

Why Hog Roasts are a Firm Summertime Favourite

All over the UK, there will be hog roast caterers serving up amazing food for you to enjoy this summer too. Don’t hesitate to join in this tradition and help keep this a summertime favourite for years to come.

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